ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Moog Music is remembering Bob Moog, the inventor of the synthesizer, will a special “Moment of Moog” through the Internet.

Moog died on Aug. 21, 2005.

The 20-second musical piece is available as a download at:

“Sometimes it feels as if he is still here; other times, he is sorely missed,” said Mike Adams, president of Moog Music. “The ‘Moment of Moog’ is our way of honoring the tens of thousands of musicians who carry Bob’s legacy forward.”

A foundation is also being launched in honor of Moog. The Bob Moog Foundation for Electronic Music plans to create scholarships at the University of North Carolina Asheville, the Berklee School of Music and Cornell University, a museum, and outreach and mentoring programs to take electronic music to disadvantaged schools. The foundation also plans to sponsor electronic music competitions and concerts.

Moog’s inventions and electronic musical instruments include synthesizers, theremins, effects modules and the “Moog PianoBar”.

Moog Foundation: