RALEIGH, N.C. — Lenovo is rolling out a new line of ThinkCentre desktop personal computers equipped with AMD processors.

The A60 models are available as mini-towers or small desktops. They include dual processor capability as well as expanded virus protection and additional recovery tools.

Lenovo’s first-time offering of AMD chips includes Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors, Athlon 64 and Sempron.

“Their new ThinkCentre A60 features those snazzy Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors in the high end, along with options for Athlon 64 and Sempron chips for the budget conscious,” reported the Endgadget website.

Lenovo wants to offer customers a choice between AMD and Intel chips, eweek reported.

“Lenovo designed the ThinkCentre A60 desktop for medium and large businesses in the United States,” eweek said. “Despite the lengthy dominance of Intel processors in business PCs, Lenovo says it believes that business PC buyers now desire a choice between processor manufacturers.”

Intel’s dual-core processing technology has generated a great deal of media interest, noted Jeff Duncan in Digital Trends News. Lenovo obviously sees AMD as an alternative.

“All the media buzz lately might be about Intel’s new Core 2 Duo lineup putting the enormous processor maker back at the head of the performance pack, but Lenovo has just taken the stand that Intel rival AMD still offers pretty decent bang for the buck,” he wrote.

There is more to the new A60 line than the AMD chips, however.

Lenovo also loaded them with software designed to improve productivity and to cut costs.

“Customers want stable solutions and innovative technologies that help them reduce costs,” said Thomas Tobul, executive director of Global Desktop Marketing for Lenovo, in the statement announcing the AMD lineup. “Our new ThinkCentre A60 with AMD processors, coupled with our ThinkVantage Technologies, expands the range of flexible and innovative solutions available to our customers through the ThinkCentre lineup.”

ThinkVantage includes software tools such as rescue and recovery and system migration assistant, which enables quick transfers of user-specific data and settings from one machine to another.

“The AMD desktop processors powering the ThinkCentre A60 deliver outstanding price-performance and enable a seamless upgrade to future operating systems like Microsoft Vista, ideal for today’s heavy multi-tasking user,” said Bob Brewer, corporate vice president of the desktop division for AMD, in a statement.

A60s support PCI Express graphics adapters for streamlined video signal processing and accelerated graphic capabilities. The PCs have six USB 2.0 ports, front side audio ports and internal speakers.
Prices start at $379 for Sempron-equipped models, $519 for the Athlon 64 processor, and $669 for the 54 X2 dual-core processor.

For details on the A60 line see: www.pc.ibm.com/us/thinkcentre/aseries/compare_series.html