RALEIGH, N.C. — Micell Technologies, a developer of so-called supercritical fluids for use on medical devices, is expanding its licensing agreement with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The PNNL lab is run by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The PNNL defines a supercritical fluid as “any substance above its critical temperature and critical pressure. In the supercritical area there is only one state-of-the-fluid and it possesses both gas- and liquid-like properties.”

Micell will work with the lab to develop drug-eluting coatings for cardiovascular stents.

Micell and PNNL scientists are working with electrostatic rapid expansion from supercritical solution, or e-RESS, technology. Micell has exclusive license to the technology.

“Combining PNNL’s expertise in supercritical fluid technology with our internal expertise creates a powerful combination for continued development of this unique medical device surface modification technology,” said Arthur Benvenuto, Micell’s chief executive officer. “Micell’s processes utilizing the e-RESS technology create an opportunity to deliver the next generation of drug-eluting stents, and to provide the potential for further important advances to the medical device marketplace.”

Micell: www.micell.com