DURHAM, N.C. — Demand for music by mobile users is growing worldwide, and Motricity is attempting to cash in on the trend.

Motricity, a provider of solutions for mobile content access as well as content, has struck a deal with entertainment giant Universal Music Group to link consumers with a wide variety of music-related content.

“The genesis of this idea came from Universal,” said Motricity spokesperson Les Hamashima. “The platform for the technology to make this happen is from Motricity.”

The partnership produced a text code (30303) and keyword based searches for Universal Music artists. The plan is for mobile users to get quick access to mastertones, photos and other content without having to search other websites.

Universal plans to promote the “texting” means of seeking and buying entertainment. Although music downloads are not yet available, Hamashima said, “It’ll be coming.”

The Universal deal is part of Motricity’s strategy to win customer share in the growing mobile music market. According to the Wireless World Forum, the market for mobile music was $4.4 billion in 2005.

The value of mobile sales is expected to reach $6 billion this year. Mobile music now accounts for 15 percent of the music market, the Forum said in a recent report.

“The way that music is distributed is going to change to direct to consumer,” Hamashima said, pointing out that mobile buyers are a major part of that trend.

Wireless carriers already offer music downloads. The Motricity-Universal Music Group partnership takes consumers directly to the music provider.

“There is tremendous consumer demand for mobile music products and we wanted to make it easier for fans to connect with the music they enjoy,” said Adam Flick, vice president of marketing for Universal Music Mobile-US, in a statement. “Our 30303 shortcode initiative allows fans of emerging artists and music across all genres an easier way to discover music via their phone.”

Motricity and Universal Music Group are counting on the growing popularity of text messaging and “shortcodes” as a means of communicating and conducting e-commerce.

The deal with Universal Music Group is the latest in a series made by Motricity to expand its reach within the entertainment industry.

Motricity already works with Black Entertainment Television and recently closed on the acquisition of GoldPocket Wireless.

GoldPocket, which is based in Los Angeles, focuses on mobile solutions and marketing and works with numerous entertainment companies such as NBC, CBS, BET and CNN.

Motricity: www.motricity.com