Company Profile: ZumaTek

Grant award: $7,500

Product: The company is advancing the early detection of breast cancer by providing imaging technology for enhanced 3D lesion detection. The research is based on work done at Duke University.

“They are looking for innovative way to deal with cancer issues, in this case breast cancer,” said Lister Delgado, vice president of IC IDEA. “They just have great technology. The level of comfort women will experience in getting a test allows for earlier detection.”

Web site:

Location: Durham, N.C.

Contact: Sheila Mikhail,, (919) 933-4990

Grant Purpose: The funds will be used to develop a regulatory approval plan.

Overview: Zumatek’s technology allows for earlier detection of breast cancer, supplementing conventional X-ray mammography used for women over 40 years old with innovative breast scanners to detect cancer for women in their 30s. Zumatek was formed by researchers at Duke Medical Center to commercialize their platform of innovative breast scanners designed to detect subtle changes in breast cells before a tumor fully develops.

Team: Martin Tornai, Ph.D., is the scientific founder. Dr. Tornai has worked in the imaging field at Cornell University (1988) and UCLA (1992). Recruited to Duke in 1997, he is currently an Associate Professor in the Departments of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering. Randolph McKinley, MS, is the scientific co-founder. After getting a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University (2001), Mr. McKinley enrolled in the Biomedical Engineering doctoral program at Duke in 2002 and has been largely responsible for developing the x-ray CTs dedicated mammotomography system in Dr. Tornai’s lab. Sheila Mikhail is chief executive officer. She is the founder of Life Sciences Law and has been part of the management team of Asklepios BioPharmaceutical Inc., NanoCor Therapeutics Inc., and several other university spin-outs.