CHARLOTTE, N.C. — MD Scientific, a three-year-old startup based in Charlotte, has received Food and Drug Administration approval for its intravenous insulin dose calculator.

Known as the EndoTool Glucose Management System, it is designed for use in monitoring patients where tight control of blood glucose is desired. According to the company, uncontrolled blood glucose can trigger infections. The EndoTool is designed for use with critically ill patients after surgery.

The system has already been used in 13 intensive care units and operating units with more than 100,000 insulin dose calculations made per year.

“Blood glucose management has been outstanding with this software, infection incidence has dropped dramatically, and this computer system approach has been well received by the staff and is easy to use,” said Joseph Cook, Chief of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

MD Scientific is also developing a drug for the prevention of acute renal failure.

MD Scientific: