ATLANTA, GA. — Cingular formally launched its high-speed third-generation wireless network in the Atlanta metropolitan area on Wednesday.

The 3G network supports high-speed downloads for multimedia services such as video and data.

“People want mobile access to communications and information services wherever they are, whether they are taking in a game at Turner Field, visiting a customer in Alpharetta or working from home in Stone Mountain,” said Cliff Minor, vice president and general manager for Cingular’s Georgia Operations. “Our 3G network complements the broadband experience customers already receive at work by extending an ‘invisible wire’ throughout our service area.”

Cingular now operates 3G networks in 18 metropolitan areas and plans to offer the service in most major markets by the end of 2006.

The 3G network utilizes high speed downlink packet access/universal mobile telephone system technology. Access speeds range from 400 to 700 kilobits per second with bursts as high as one megabit per second.