DULUTH, GA. — DataPath, a provider of high-tech communications services, has received a contract worth $72.9 from the U.S. Army to provide satellite networking gear as well as employees to serve overseas.

DataPath won the deal through the Army Communications-Electronics Command in New Jersey. The gear is to be used in Iraq.

The contract includes two satellite communications trucks as well as 92 portable satellite terminals known as the DataPath 3000. It is a trailer-based satellite earth terminal designed to deliver secure, robust voice, video and data communications where no infrastructure exists, according to the company. More than 140 of the units have been sent to Iraq since 2004.

DataPath will also deploy 29 employees to Iraq in order to help maintain the network.

The network is part of the Army’s Joint Network Node program.

“Our troops require reliable beyond-line-of-sight, mobile communications on the battlefield,” said John Lane, the project leader for the Army’s Commercial SATCOM Terminal Program. “Satellite communications networks offer flexibility and high bandwidth for more advanced applications, no matter where our forces are located. The JNN program has been a tremendous success in moving the network out to the end-user of mission-critical information, transforming the speed of deployment and coordination capabilities of our forces.”

DataPath, which was launched in 1996 and is privately held, already has more than 50 employees deployed in Iraq for the network program.

“We are committed to partnering with U.S. forces to help them achieve their mission and protect their troops,” said Andy Mullins, chief executive officer of DataPath. “This partnership is reflected in both the quality of the networks we have designed for their specific needs, and in the dedication of our employees working side-by-side with U.S. forces in the field. This latest contract is a testament to our successful ongoing work on the JNN program, and we look forward to extending our support in order to meet evolving mission requirements.”

DataPath: www.datapath.com