HOOD RIVER, OR. — Embarq, the new local phone company spun off earlier this month from Sprint Nextel, is offering a new kind of web surfing in Hood River, the self-proclaimed windsurfing capital of the world.

Embarq is working with the city to deploy a WiFi (wireless fidelity) broadband network.

The service is free for a 90-day trial period.

“This trial is a continuation of Embarq’s commitment to provide municipalities with new and innovative customized wireless data solutions,” said Kenny Wyatt, the company’s vice president of marketing and product management for business. “Municipal interest in WiFi is high because it indicates a technologically progressive community. Public, private partnerships such as this strengthen the community as a whole by providing a new avenue for fast, reliable communication services.”

WiFi networks are being built or planned in numerous metropolitan areas across the United States. Atlanta-based EarthLink is among the most active providers.

Embarq: www.embarq.com