WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — More than 800 people turned out Monday and Tuesday to attend the annual North Carolina Biotechnology Conference in Winston-Salem.

It was the first time the program was hosted in the Triad.

The conference is put on by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and the North Carolina Biosciences organization.

Dennis Dougherty, a venture capitalist and founder of Intersouth Partners in Durham, received the fourth annual Charles Hamner Leadership Award. The award is named in honor of the longtime executive who ran the NC Biotech Center.

Among the guest speakers was Ira Flatow, science correspondent for National Public Radio, who called for more attention to be paid to science.

“There are many companies and organizations with innovative scientific breakthroughs, as is evidenced here today,” Flatow said. “But often they don’t get the media attention they deserve. We, as scientists, must seek to illuminate the public about our work by becoming our own gatekeepers.”