DAVIDSON, N.C. — UpSNAP, a provider of mobile audio entertainment and search information, is now offering a menu of live radio services to cellular customers.

Offerings range from Hip Hop to comedy selections.

UpSNAP offers content through text messaging services. By sending a tet message to UpSNAP, users can select content to be “streamed” to their mobile phone.

Services range from $1.99 to $4.99 per month.

“Through premium short message service (SMS), we are able to deliver compelling radio content to mobile phones, leveraging its most basic audio capabilities.” said Tony Philipp, chief executive officer of UpSNAP. “UpSNAP can literally turn any mobile phone into a radio, allowing consumers to receive a library of audio content wherever they might be. And unlike other services like mobile video, our streaming audio works on every mobile phone.”

UpSANP: www.upsnap.com