Look out, Red Hat?

Oracle appears to be steeping up efforts to enter the Linux software space as a developer of its own open source applications, TheStreet.com reported on Thursday. And Red Hat, an Oracle partner as well as a Linux leader, is the target, wrote Bill Snyder.

“Ironically, Oracle and other vendors that supported Red Hat as a counterweight to the Redmond, Wash, behemoth [Microsoft], now see Red Hat as the Microsoft of the open source world and feel the need to lessen its influence,” Snyder said.

In an in-depth story, Snyder said indications continue to grow that Oracle is growing more serious about Linux.

“Now there’s talk on Wall Street that Oracle may use its annual analyst meeting in July to announce its debut as a Linux provider,” Snyder wrote.

For details, see: www.thestreet.com/_yahoo/tech/software/10284958.html?cm_ven=YAHOO&cm_cat=FREE&cm_ite=NA