ATLANTA, GA. — Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta is the first hospital in the world to deploy a new type of scanner from Siemens Medical Solutions.

The scanner combines both positron emission tomography (PET) and computer tomography (CT) to help physicians detect heart disease and other diseases earlier with greater speed and precision. The procedure is non-invasive.

Called the Biograph 64, the machine was installed in April and will be used starting later this month, the hospital said.

“With the Biograph 64 we are able to see disease at the molecular level within patients, while providing the rich anatomical detail that allows us to contextualize that information to detect, treat and monitor disease with greater precision,” said Patricia Morrison, manager of non-invasive cardiology at the hospital’s nuclear cardiology department. “It’s that detailed information that enables us to make earlier, more authoritative diagnoses, make treatment decisions that are individualized for patients and ultimately achieve better outcomes for patients.”