The Federal Aviation Administration has upgraded its data center operations with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, reporting that it saved time, money and improved efficiency with the move.

Instead of a $25 million projected cost, the project came in at under $10 million, the FAA said in a Red Hat press release.

Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux software was used to replaced a Unix system. The Enterprise Linux solution is being used as part of the FAA’s traffic flow management and enhanced traffic management systems.

“There is no room for error or down time in our systems,” said Joshua Gustin, TFM-Modernization program manager, FAA. “When we first considered refreshing our entire system, we were looking at $25 million in costs and 18 months to full deployment. By switching to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, we were able to spend less than $10 million and accomplish a major system modernization in one-third that time. Red Hat Enterprise Linux fixed our problems of reliability and scalability, and gives us the support we need to reduce our risk.”

After first being deployed at remote locations, Red Hat Enterprise Linux was then installed at the FAA’s data hub.

The FAA also utilized Red Hat training services for its engineers.

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