Integrian, a provider of mobile digital video solutions, is rolling out a software product designed for video data management.

iView is designed to analyze and produce video clips or snapshots that can be used as forensic evidence. The software can also be used to manage video from remote sites, including zoom and ability to switch between cameras.

Integrian already offers TransitCam, a video product designed to help protect transit industry users.

“This is a necessary tool for transit managers,” said Bob Bradley, Integrian’s vice president of sales and business development. “The industry demands solutions which can answer modern, more intricate security concerns. Capturing video isn’t enough anymore. There are issues of managing the data once it’s in, analyzing it effectively, archiving it and reproducing it to stringent court standards as needed. Today’s global security issues call for the type of smart, sophisticated technology that iView represents.”

For example, iView includes protection against tampering and allows video to be searched with a variety of information, such as date and time, location and other sensor data, included.