, a provider of various telephony services, is teaming with CompUSA to offer Voice over Internet Protocol telephone services through CompUSA’s more than 240 retail outlets across the US.

The VoIP product is targeted at small- to medium-sized businesses with 10 or more telephone lines at single or multiple locations.

The service includes a VoIP platform from Sylantro Systems, which is based in California. works with network provider Covad as its preferred vendor for high-speed backbone services for the VoIP offering.

“With this partnership, we’re offering small and mid-size business owners a solution never available to them before: the ability to select and purchase a comprehensive VoIP system from a trusted national retailer, knowledgeable about their needs and ready to provide the services to get it done right,” said Brian Woods, executive vice president of merchandising for CompUSA.

The offering includes four-digit dialing across a company’s network, an automated attendant and voicemail. A variety of VoIP-based phones are supported by the Sylantro platform.

“Partnering with CompUSA to deliver Bandwidth’s hosted VoIP solution is a tremendous accomplishment for our company,” said Henry Kaestner, founder and chief executive officer of “We set out to find a top retail partner that not only understands the benefits of offering VoIP to the SMB community, but also has the technical knowledge and expertise to market such a service.”

Kaestner launched in 1999.