The University of Cincinnati is the latest university to sign on for utilization of messaging services from RTP-based clearTXT.

clearTXT’s mobile communication system enables the deliver of information such as class and school updates to users’ mobile phones as well as email addresses.

Other users include Clemson, the University of Oklahoma and Northwestern.

“The number one goal of the university’s strategic plan is to ‘Place Students at the Center,'” said Michael Lieberman, Dean of Instructional and Research Computing. “The plan includes putting the priority on the students’ needs, and creating a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-week learning, living and social environment. We believe that clearTXT helps us accomplish those goals.”

Doug Kaufman, chief executive officer of clearTXT, pointed out that the system helps insure that “students and instructors will always have the most current and important school information right at their fingertips.”

clearTXT also has plans to add information from campus organizations as well as businesses.