Duke University is the latest to join the Open Student Television Network (OSTN), a project that provides online access to university student-produced programming on a daily 24-hour basis.

OSTN programming is delivered over the high-speed network linking universities and research centers known as Abilene. Abilene is part of the Internet 2 project. It links 208 universities and 34 state education networks.

OSTN is an initiative of the CampusEAI Consortium, an international group of more than 140 universities that is based in Cleveland OH.

Duke’s student programming operation is known as Cable 13.

“Cable 13 is really excited to be involved with the broadcast and start of OSTN at Duke,” said Lawrence Gan, program director of Cable 13. “We see OSTN as a great way to connect our student filmmakers with those from all across the country.”

OSTN: www.ostn.tv

Cable 13: www.cable13.com/