Ten companies have advanced to the semifinals of the annual Five Ventures entrepreneurial competition at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Six of the finalists have ties with UNCC, two with Duke and one each with East Carolina and Wake Forest.

Five companies will compete in the finals on April 6.

The semifinalists are:

  • CardioVascular Resonances, LLC a spinout from the physics department of East Carolina University, which will present its patent-protected technology that tests the heart function in a few minutes versus a half hour. The technology decreases cost for materials, expertise and time.

  • CrystalFarm, Inc a spinout from UNC Charlotte, which will present its electronic chip technology that is sturdier, has less defects, and can withstand higher power, temperature and frequencies.

  • ECPrep is built around technology developed at Duke University. The company targets its products to help individuals infected with HIV in the developing nations by providing a low-cost method to monitor progression of the disease. With better monitoring, healthcare providers can improve the quality of life.

  • GaNtasic utilizes technology that originates from UNC Charlotte. The technology allows for the rapid and inexpensive detection of X-rays thus improving workplace safety, homeland security and environmental protection.

  • KidKare! from UNC Charlotte provides for the monitoring of childcare facilities through a state-of-the-art web casting system. Parents are allowed to log in and check on the safety and security of their child. After all, 80 diapers $12, DayCare for a week $250, a peace of mind priceless.

  • KnowNow is a high-powered computing solution from Duke University which provides clients with the ability to rapidly and continually take electronic information from different fragmented sources and create a concise profile. Applications include marketing, security and risk management.

  • M7 Studios, an all-student team from UNC Charlotte, provides a sleek automated beverage distribution solution for tavern owners. Loss from inventory issues are decreased and customer satisfaction is improved.

  • SoyMeds, Inc., a spinout of UNC Charlotte, provides a cost-effective mechanism for the delivery of vaccines and pharmaceutical protein products (e.g. edible vaccines). SoyMeds platform technology will not just treat disease; it will more importantly prevent disease.

  • StreetTrak a spinout of UNC Charlotte, takes target marketing from surfing on the web to the streets, literally. Drivers, walkers, bikers and commuters receive a local business almanac, complete with free content about products, services, pricing, promotions and satisfaction ratings. The consumer is more informed and the businesses have an inexpensive marketing alternative.

  • YAP.mp from Wake Forest University has developed technology allows individuals to send text messages by simply speaking into their phones. The solution addresses the illegality of text messaging while driving, small keyboards and difficulty seeing up close.
  • For more details about the competition, see: fiveventures.uncc.edu