The City of Milpitas CA, which is located in Silicon Valley, has picked EarthLink to build a wireless broadband (WiFi) network.

EarthLink recently won a contract to build a similar network in Philadelphia and is bidding to build a network in San Francisco along with Google.

Other access providers will be permitted to offer services through the network, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) said. Broadband access up to 1.54 megabytes per second, or T-1 landline equivalent speed, will also be offered.

“EarthLink’s wireless broadband network will help reinforce the City of Milpitas’ claim to be the ‘Crossroads of Silicon Valley,'” said Donald Berryman, executive vice president of EarthLink and president of the ISP’s municipal networks unit. “Our solution will give residents and visitors an affordable way to access the Internet at home or around the City’s recently renovated midtown area.”