RESTON,The Associated Press and Sprint have teamed up to enable journalists to file video from the field more quickly over Sprint’s wireless network.

AP has developed “SNAPfeed” as a tool for faster delivery of broadcast-quality video. By using Sprint’s Power Vision network, journalists call send 60 seconds of video to their newsroom in less than 10 minutes, according to Sprint.

SNAPfeed requires a compatible camera and a Sprint mobile connection card as well as a laptop computer.

“With AP’s SNAPfeed software, video at a breaking news site is only four clicks away from transmission,” said Mike Palmer, director of Broadcast Digital Distribution Systems and Strategy for The AP. “Sprint’s PCS Connection Card and Mobile Broadband service provide a transparent and automatic connection over which SNAPfeed transmits the video. Journalists don’t have to worry about a separate login to the Sprint network – it’s simply there and ready to use.”

The Sprint Mobile Broadband service covers 215 metropolitan areas and 466 airports.