RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – For people wanting to stay abreast of the latest developments in technology, the “Good Morning Silicon Valley” blog and the web sites from Knight Ridder Digital Media are astute choices.

However, McClatchy Company’s decision to buy the Knight Ridder media empire, which includes 32 daily newspapers across the country, produced a good bit of consternation among the GMSV/Silicon Valley crew, as they acknowledged on Monday.

McClatchy disclosed that it plans to sell 12 of the 30 Knight Ridder newspapers, including Silicon Valley-based San Jose Mercury News, as soon as possible. What impact the acquisition will have on Knight Ridder’s new media efforts remains unclear.

“GMSV is on the short side today due to distraction over its uncertain future,” wrote John Paczkowski, one of the GMSV authors. “We promise we’ll do better tomorrow after we have our resumes polished up and out in circulation. (Don’t worry, we’re just joking. You know, GMSV style.)”

GMSV is written by Paczkowski and John Morrell. Both are also responsible for, a web site focused on providing a daily overview of technology developments. Paczkowski is a former online editor at the Mercury News; Murrell was the first online editor at that newspaper. They often write irreverently on their blog, bringing a needed sense of humor to technology, an often dry subject.

Given their approach to GMSV, it wasn’t a surprise to read a take-it-in-stride reaction from Paczkowski to the Knight Ridder sale news.

“I for one welcome our new McClatchy overlords,” he wrote. “Most of you have seen the news that McClatchy is buying Knight Ridder and some may have wondered what that might mean for, Good Morning Silicon Valley and the two of us. Frankly, we’re wondering ourselves. Obviously, we have very close ties to the Mercury News, where was born, and that’s one of the papers that McClatchy plans to sell off. But is a product of Knight Ridder Digital, and KRD’s fate in this new configuration is not settled. Many of you, veterans of the tech biz, know this uncomfortable well, and you also know that all you can do is keep swimming. So for now it’s business as usual. We’ll continue to post the news from the valley and crank out the GMSV you know and love until someone tells us different. Stay tuned.”

We will.