Red Hat is lending its support to the One Laptop Per Child Initiative, an effort to provide $100 laptops to students in developing nations and emerging markets.

Red Hat, a developer of open-source Linux software, services and solutions, said it would focus on development of the operating systems for the laptops. Red Hat will also participate with training, support, updates and certifications.

The project was launched at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology’s Media Lab in 2005.

“At Red Hat, we believe that open source technology can change the world, and is still in its infancy. It’s a guiding principle that is embodied in everything we do,” said Matthew Szulik, chairman, president and CEO of Red Hat. “Beyond a founding corporate sponsorship, we’ve put engineering and other strategic resources behind the One Laptop Per Child initiative to add our expertise, global reach and focus to the project. It’s another real-world example of our mission to democratize technology, while helping to make knowledge and education more available for children everywhere.”

Red Hat: