Janet Wylie, president and chief executive officer of Engineous Software in Cary, is the new chairman of the North Carolina Technology Association.

Wylie and other new officers were selected at NCTA’s annual meeting on Thursday.

New board members selected to three-year terms include: Kenneth Marks, Tim Kvanvig, Jeff Barber, David Jones, Mike McCoy, Chris Matton, Mitch Mumma, Joe Teague, Dede Ramoneda, Ray Allen, Christopher Bolen, and Rusine Mitchell-Sinclair.

New officers include Bob Hawkins as vice chairman; Mike McGuire, treasurer; Chris Matton, legal counsel; Larry Robbins, secretary; Herb Crenshaw, vice president of public policy; Brian Scott, vice president of membership; Rusine Mitchell-Sinclair, vice president of executive management; and vice presidents at large Darleen Johns, Dede Ramoneda and Cecil Smith.

NCTA: www.nc-tech.org