OVERLAND PARK,Daniel Hesse, the designated chief executive officer for the spin-off of the local telecommunications group from Sprint Nextel, is one of five people designated to sit on its board.

Hesse is also expected to serve as chairman of the board.

Also named to the board was William Owens, who most recently served as chief executive officer of Nortel.

The local communications group is expected to be spun off early this year.

Also designated to sit on the board were: Peter Brown, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMC Entertainment Inc.; Dinesh Paliwal, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ABB Inc., the US subsidiary of ABB Ltd.; and President, Global Markets & Technology of ABB Ltd.; and Stephanie M. Shern, member, board of directors, Sprint Nextel; former Vice Chairman and the Global Director of Retail and Consumer Products, Ernst & Young LLP.

Sprint Nextel: www.sprint.com