FAYETTEVILLE,Web development firm AIT has launched a web site designed to combat fraud related to click rates and web advertising.

The site is called Igeryon.com (igeryon.com ), which is the monster on Dante’s Inferno that symbolizes fraud.

The site is a follow-on to AIT’s recent lawsuit against Google regarding click rates.

“This site will be a clearinghouse of information on shady affiliate networks, software that generates false clicks and impressions, and how-to advice so advertisers can avoid being ripped off,” said Clarence Briggs, AIT’s chief executive officer, in a statement.

AIT said it also would partner with companies that make tools for the protection of advertisers and website owners.

“The site will be to fraud what the anti-spam portals are to spam,” added Sean McCoy, senior vice president for AIT. “People will be able to file complaints and exchange information about click fraud. The portal will serve as a source of information for consumers, businesses, government agencies and other organizations.”

According to Briggs, AIT itself has lost some $500,000 through fraudulent clicks.

AIT: www.ait.com