CareerSpecific and infoUSA are the latest customers to sign on for advertising serving services from Accipiter’s AdManager.

CareerSpecific hosts a variety of job boards and recruiting web sites.

“We required a flexible ad management solution that would effectively serve ads across our entire site network, while also allowing us to customize delivery based on ad format and visitor demographics,” said Brian Cain, director of web development for CareerSpecific. “We can also maximize our ad revenue stream through accurate inventory projections and real-time campaign and creative optimization.”

infoUSA compiles a variety of proprietary data bases to track businesses as well as consumer households. It is preparing to launch a directory assistance web site that will be ad-driven.

“AdManager proved to be a cost-effective solution that offered the necessary flexibility and targeting capabilities to meet our business needs,” said David Schajatovic, vice president of licensing and syndication for infoUSA. “After coming highly recommended to us by Clear Channel Interactive, we knew Accipiter and its technology was the right fit for us.”