Palm Software and Motricity, a provider of mobile content solutions and services, will be working together in a more extensive fashion.

The two companies said Wednesday that Motricity would run the storefront for Palm software products in eight different languages. The deal covers 35 countries. Motricity had been powering the U.S. storefront.

The storefronts offer a variety of Palm products ranging from Treo smartphones to Palm handheld devices as well as software and digital titles.

“We’ve been very pleased with the performance of Motricity in powering our U.S. site since early this year,” said John Stanton, vice president of direct sales and customer relations at Palm, Inc. “Because it has proven eCommerce and mCommerce expertise in marketing and merchandising, we are extending our relationship with Motricity to cover all of our existing sites globally.”

Motricity offers a software platform that matches content and devices.