Lenovo, which acquired the PC business of IBM earlier this year and has some 1,800 employees in RTP, has a new chief executive officer.

William Amelio, an executive with PC rival dell, has replaced Steve Ward as the CEO. Ward, a former IBM employee, led Lenovo and IBM’s PC division through the acquisition as well as plans for Lenovo to build a new US headquarters in North Carolina.

Amelio was president of Dell’s Asia-Pacific and Japan division before taking the new job.

In a Reuters story, the wire service quoted Lenovo chairman Yang Yuanging as saying Ward was part of the decision-making process to hire a new CEO.

“Our board and Steve Ward made the decision together, that this is the right time for the transition,” Yang said. “Right now we are entering a new phase, to pursue profitable growth more aggressively.”

Ward will continue with the company as a consultant, Lenovo said.

Reuters noted that Amelio and Ward were colleagues at IBM for some five years. Amelio at that time led IBM’s PC operations.

In an interview with The News & Observer of Raleigh, Amelio affirmed support for the building of the new headquarters.

Lenovo’s US group is headquartered in New York City, but its largest U.S. operation is in RTP.