The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Corporation of the United Kingdom has selection business process management software from Ultimus to replace its paper-based processes.

The BBSRC is the UK’s principal funder of basic bioscience research in the public sector. Ultimus software will be used as part of its grant writing and approval process.

“After automating our processes with the help of the Ultimus BPM Suite, BBSRC abandoned paper forms, thus eliminating the problems and potential errors associated with them,” said Clare Lindsay, project manager for the Ultimus project at BBSRC. “As a result, the Ultimus BPM initiative at BBSRC has saved us an enormous amount of time for grant application processing and organising. Employees are now able to work more efficiently, resulting in the faster and more accurate allocation of financial support for research excellence, eventually contributing to the UK’s scientific progress in the biosciences in general.”