RALEIGH, N.C. & TOKYO– Fujitsu Limited and Red Hat say that, under their global agreement to provide Linux solutions, they will collaborate in porting applications to Fujitsu mission-critical PRIMEQUEST Intel Architecture servers running Red Hat enterprise Linux.

This collaboration will enable user businesses to securely and quickly port applications running on other platforms into Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based PRIMEQUEST servers.

The two companies plan to expand their joint promotional activities surrounding porting services for Linux applications from the Japanese market through Europe, the Americas, and other areas within Asia Pacific.

Red Hat will provide an application porting service, provided by Red Hat consultants. Red Hat will undertake all necessary tasks, which include the collection of data necessary for application porting; planning, including verification planning; the provision of working environments including the necessary tools; compiling, testing and debugging; system integration; and related consulting. In addition, the partners will fine-tune applications during porting to elicit maximum performance from PRIMEQUEST servers.

Fujitsu will carry out testing of ported applications and verification of system operation using PRIMEQUEST servers at the company’s Platform Solution Center. (*1)

Targeting competitors’ UNIX servers and 32-bit Linux applications, Fujitsu and Red Hat will offer porting to PRIMEQUEST either on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux v. 4 64-bit environment or a 32-bit binary-compatible environment using the latest version of IA-32 Execution Layer (IA-32EL), which offers greatly enhanced Red Hat Enterprise Linux compatibility.

Since their global alliance in May, 2003, Fujitsu and Red Hat have been collaborating in marketing, sales, software development, system construction, and support for Linux solutions in mission-critical fields. In December, 2003, the companies established a Joint Development Organization at Red Hat headquarters to develop Linux OS capabilities and provide rapid support to Fujitsu group companies worldwide.

Red Hat made Red Hat Enterprise Linux v. 4, available in February, 2005, enabling the company to offer a very powerful argument for the adoption of Linux in mission-critical systems.

Fujitsu also provided a catalyst to the adoption of Linux in large-scale mission-critical systems with the April, 2005 global launch of its PRIMEQUEST server, based on 64-bit high-performance Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 Processors running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.