MercuryMD, a provider of mobility software and services for the healthcare industry, has helped link numerous North Carolina hospitals with a biosurveillance system.

The North Carolina Hospital Emergency Surveillance System, or NCHESS, was established to help detect public health threats and disease outbreaks in real time. It is the first such network in the country, MercuryMD said.

The hospitals making up the network account for more than 65 percent of all hospital visits in the state, according to MercuryMD.

“Given the recent focus on the possibility of a flu pandemic, NCHESS is particularly important,” said North Carolina State Health Director Leah Devlin in a statement. “NCHESS is going to give us a leg up on catching outbreaks while they are still small enough to control.”

The network utilizes software from MercuryMD as well as a web portal for monitoring.