Tranzyme Pharma is selling off part of its operations to Open Biosystems.

As part of a licensing deal for gene expression technology, Open Biosystems also acquires Tranzyme Pharma’s operations in Birmingham, AL.

Financial terms were not disclosed other than Tranzyme will receive what it described as “minimal annual payments” and royalties on sales of products.

“Tranzyme has proven the potential of this technology through its previous collaborations, and is excited to be a part of this business opportunity with Open Biosystems,” said Vipin Garg, Tranzyme’s chief executive officer. “Tranzyme is confident that Open Biosystems is the right partner to make the trans-lentiviral technology commercially viable for the biologic reagents market.”

The deal covers licensing of patented human-based trans-lentiviral gene expression technology.

“Human-based lentiviral vectors provide researchers and scientists with superior flexibility and capabilities for high-quality gene delivery and target validation,” Open Biosystems said in a statement.

Open Biosystems is based in Huntsville, AL.