MCNC is part of a partnership linking optical networking and grid computing.

MCNC is working with Calient Networks, the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative and the Center for Computation & Technology at LSU on the project. The effort was announced Monday at Supercomputing 2005 in Seattle, WA.

“Network infrastructures are no longer commodity ‘plumbing’ tools but integral components for ‘virtual’ research teams that rely on resources, both human and physical, residing in various geographic locations,” said John Crites, chief executive officer of MCNC. “The combined technological expertise between MCNC and Calient together with other research partners will increase innovation from National Research and Education Networks and foster more scientific collaboration.”

Calient is a provider of photonic switching systems and software.

The team effort “will demonstrate how the control of high-speed networks can be coupled to computing resources, data storage archives, and visualization services for enhancing the study of highly complex and computation intensive scientific problems such as the modeling of black holes and other sources of gravitational waves,” Calient said in a statement.

An optical switch from Calient has been deployed at MCNC as part of the partnership.