Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:TYL) and SAS have entered into a joint agreement to add the SAS Business Intelligence Platform to Tyler’s MUNIS(R) software, giving the customers it serves deeper analysis and broader intelligence capabilities.

Government agencies struggle to maximize limited resources and budgets while providing high-quality services efficiently and effectively to their constituents. With this new relationship, Tyler and SAS will help customers save both time and money, while increasing their efficiencies in budgeting and program management in state and local government, as well as municipalities and K-12 programs.

The partnership will allow public sector agencies to statistically analyze data from a variety of sources, and then use the results to help forecast and predict the impact of potential changes. For example, personnel departments can forecast their turnover by job category and use the results to predict the impact on the organization’s pension plan. Or a county can forecast its need for extra snow removal equipment, using historical data and long-range weather predictions. A school district might use MUNIS and SAS to predict monthly budget requirements for substitute teacher pay, based on an analysis of employee absenteeism for the past several years. The analysis is limited only by the type of information tracked by the public agency, regardless of whether it resides in MUNIS or in another data system.