StrikeIron Web Services launches two new publishers who have added lead generation Web services to its portfolio.

The new Web services include a New Home Buyers Database from List Services Direct and the idEXEC Corporate Executives Database. Both Web services can easily be integrated into any individual application or suite of applications offered by an ISV.

“Accurate lead generation is critical to building any size business. These services provide new lead information quickly and accurately, allowing companies to improve the quality of leads and integrate the data into any business application, such as a CRM system, in real-time,” said Bob Brauer, CEO and president of StrikeIron. “Our customers can now focus their sales and marketing resources on selling rather than on searching for leads.”

The New Home Buyers and the Executive Decision Makers Databases are part of the growing StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace, the world’s largest online marketplace dedicated to commercial Web services. The StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace brings together a community of providers and users to buy and sell Web services subscriptions. Users who subscribe through the StrikeIron Marketplace have instant access to a rich set of functionality and data and can take advantage of more flexible choices of protocols, simplified sign-on, simplified billing and accounting, flexible pricing alternatives, and integrated tools and services to accelerate their utilization.