CARY–Learning Company 3Dsolve Inc. has successfully completed the development of the first phase of simulation-based courseware for the Submarine On-Board Training Department (SOBT) of the US Naval Submarine Learning Center (SLC) in Groton, Connecticut.

The simulation-based e-learning materials were created to instruct Los Angeles-class attack submarine personnel in Force Protection and Anti-Terrorism (FP/AT) procedures for in-port security.

Using the laptop computers already deployed on US submarines, students are now able to review and practice critical security procedures while still at sea. In this first phase of development, 3Dsolve has delivered a set of simulation-based scenarios that provide instruction in security procedures for the exterior environment around the submarine. In the next phase of development, already underway, new scenarios are being developed that take place inside the submarine itself.

“We’re excited to be delivering this first phase of our work for the Submarine Learning Center,” said Richard Boyd, CEO of 3Dsolve. “By building on the Submarine On-Board Training Department’s existing video-based courseware, the simulation based learning tools gives the US Navy a platform for training that is quickly adaptable to new vessels, new ports, and new training requirements.”