The Council for Entrepreneurial Development and the Capital Forum are forming a partnership designed to help companies find angel financing.

The partnership will link companies to the CED’s FastTrac and other training programs and The Capital Forum, which is designed to help companies make presentations to accredited investors.

“The objectives of the alliance are two-fold: to rapidly connect accredited early stage investors from throughout the state with qualified companies that have completed CED’s Fast Trac or similar CED training programs, and to provide companies seeking capital with accelerated access to CED’s training and mentoring resources,” The Capital Forum and the CED said in a joint statement.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to improve the chances of success of early stage companies who need angel funding,” said Adam Smith, vice president of programs at the CED.

Adding Bill Warner, chairman of the Capital Forum: “The Capital Forum is filling a need for both private investors to see high quality business plans and entrepreneurs to get an audience with accredited investors.”

The Capital Forum has already presented a number of events where startup and emerging companies have made presentations to a number of investors.


Capital Forum: