Neal Hunter, the former chairman of Cree, is back in business again.

Hunter and a group of former Cree scientists and engineers, recently launched LED Lighting Fixtures. Hunter and the other co-founders are funding the startup, which will have offices in North Carolina and Hong Kong.

Also joining Hunter are Gerry Negley, who helped win nine patents for Cree; Anthony van de Ven, who helped develop Cree’s “real color display”; and Tom Coleman, one of Cree’s co-founders. Van de Ven operated Lighthouse Technologies in Hong Kong.

“We believe the time for (light-emitting diode) lighting for general use has arrived,” Hunter said in a statement. “Our goal is to integrate Cree’s chip and lamp products into finished fixture assemblies targeting high-volume consumer and industrial applications. Industry sources estimate the domestic market for lamps, lighting fixtures and lighting controls is about $12 billion annually and $40 billion globally.”