Jim Fain, North Carolina’s Secretary of Commerce, will moderate a discussion about how to optimize the state’s economy, natural resources and communities at the Sustainable North Carolina conference on Nov. 9.

The event, which is in its fourth year, will take place at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

“Sustainable principles and practices strengthen our economy. By investigating new means of getting the most out of our resources, manufacturers can become more efficient–preserving jobs, sustaining the environment and enhancing profitability,” Fain said in a statement. “A sustaining approach to manufacturing benefits everyone.”

Participating along with Fain will be:

  • Crandall Bowles, CEO of Springs Industries

  • Eric Davis, Senior Vice President, Wachovia Corporate Real Estate Division

  • Tom Darden, CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners

  • Travis Simpson, VP North Carolina Operations for Dell Inc.
  • “It is an honor to have Secretary Fain as part of this special event that honors North Carolina organizations that are leading the way with innovative practices,” said Katy Ansardi, president, of the SNC organization.

    SNC is a 501 c 3 nonprofit with a mission of helping organizations realize the benefits of adopting sustainable practices that optimize economics, communities and natural systems.

    The ceremony is free and open to the public. Register online at www.sustainnc.org/register or call SNC at 919.839.2111.