CONCORD,CT Communications, a telecommunications provider, is the Internet Protocol (IP) Innovator of the Year for Cisco.

CTC (Nasdaq: CTCI) was recognized earlier this week at a telecommunications trade show in Las Vegas.

CTC was recognized for its deployment of a high-speed IP-based multi-protocol label switching (MLPS) network backbone. CTC moved away from standard time division multiplexing (TDM) network infrastructure.

“It is very gratifying for CTC to be recognized by Cisco in this forum,” said Mike Coltrane, chairman and chief executive officer of CTC, in a statement. “This network migration not only positions CTC well today by enhancing our existing line of products, but it also lays the foundation for a number of new and exciting applications that we can deploy in the years ahead.”

The new network enables CTC to provide more features, such as IP virtual private networks, and greater broadband capabilities.

“There is a very quiet IP revolution going on in North Carolina, and we think it’s time to make some noise about it. In the face of increasing competition, CTC made a strategic decision to not slowly evolve its network, but rather to rapidly leverage its intelligent 10 Gigabit IP backbone to drive a full shift from its TDM-based architecture to all IP,” said Vic Northrup, area vice president for Cisco.

“This will enable not only rapid expansion of current services, but also, development and delivery of advanced services well into the future,” he added.