Stating its goal is to create “the world’s largest single library of industry-related information and educational resources”, the Pharmaceutical Institute formally launched its operations on Monday.

The Pharmaceutical Institute, which is based in Raleigh, was launched by Campbell Alliance, a management consulting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

“While many resources, such as industry reports, books, and training materials can be found through various sources, the Pharmaceutical Institute is the first and only company providing this breadth and depth of information in a centralized point of access,” the company said.

Its two primary components are an Education Center and a Research Center.

“Through our consulting practices at Campbell Alliance, we’ve found a lack of centralized information and educational resources available to the pharma and biotech industry,” said John Campbell, chief executive officer of Campbell Alliance. “We helped build the Pharmaceutical Institute to bridge this gap, and to provide an invaluable resource for industry professionals.”

Leading the Institute is Dan Blue, a former healthcare investment banking group member at Bear Stearns & Co., in New York. Blue, who also worked in a Glaxo Wellcome subsidiary, is a graduate of Duke Law School. He also earned his MBA and an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at Duke.

“Our team worked over several months to survey the universe of available resources and evaluate those most useful to the industry overall. Then we made these resources easily searchable through a single online portal and we’ve built new resources, such as functional area courses, to meet unmet needs,” Blue said in a statement. “Our offering fulfills a critical industry need for
reliable information that is easily accessible. By leveraging PI’s expertise, pharma and biotech companies-as well as those serving the industry-will be able to maximize effectiveness, spending less time searching for the right information and more time applying it.”

Pharmaceutical Institute: