Duke Picks Business Professor To Lead Fuqua Center for Entrepreneurship

Part of Center’s mission will be to accelerate launching of new businesses and increasing technology transfer efforts. Engineering, medical, law schools will also be involved.Wesley Cohen, the Frederick Joerg Professor of Business Administration at the Fuqua School of Business, will be the faculty director for Duke’s new Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Fuqua Dean Douglas Breeden formally announced the launch of the center and the selection of Cohen at annual Entrepreneurship Symposium, sponsored by the Fuqua Entrepreneurial and Venture Capital Club.

“One of the rationales for the creation of the center is to promote academic scholarship in a wide range of fields,” Cohen said in a statement. “The center will also provide guidance to individuals and firms who wish to start or assess new ventures in innovation-intensive settings and markets both regionally and nationally.”

Part of the Center’s mission is to help Duke launch more new companies and transfer technology to the private sector.

“The Center will take an interdisciplinary approach by collaborating with other schools within Duke, including the Pratt School of Engineering, the Duke Medical School , and the Duke Law School ,” Breeden said. “Conducting world class research on entrepreneurship and innovation and integrating it into our educational program will distinguish our center from other entrepreneurship centers. We expect the center to place Fuqua among a very small handful of business schools known for research excellence and research-based education in entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Fuqua already offers a variety of courses in entrepreneurship and innovation, with more than a dozen faculty members involved.

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