Spore LLC, has a new name and also is rolling out new software for use in the patenting process.

Spore, which was founded in 2001, is now known as Neopatents.

Its Patent Smart software includes applications for patent design and analysis. The suite includes applications developed over the past four years at Spore.

“We have developed a step-wise process for patent design and patent analysis, and the result is better, faster, less expensive and more productive patents,” said JiNan Glasgow, president and chief executive officer of Neopatents. She also founded the firm.

“Patents are a critical component of any lucrative business plan and the process does not have to be lengthy and expensive,” she added. “Successful business leaders understand the importance of filing comprehensive patents that support and enhance their business objectives.”

Neopatent software evaluates a new invention before an attorney is retained to draft and file a patent application. Applications include:

  • Spore Search and Visualizer and Spore Diagrams to map groups of patents and/or pending applications.

  • PatentMatrix for automatical creation of claims diagrams for individual patents.
  • “Together, the Spore suite and PatentMatrix software provide a strategic planning tool that allows users to identify trends, determine patent gaps, and design around competitors’ patents,” the company said.

    Neopatents: www.neopatents.com