Global MailExpress, which touts itself as “the leading provider of expedited delivery and innovative services” for mail products, is off to a fast start.

The firm, which was launched a year ago, has raised $11 million in Series A venture capital.

Co-leading the round were CMEA Ventures of San Francisco and Logispring, which is based in Switzerland. CMEA has $771 million under management, Logispring around $200 million.

MailExpress was launched on Sept. 24, 2004 by Lester Smith, according to businesses licenses granted by Cobb County.

The firm’s web site contains little information beyond its claim that it “has set new industry standards for tracking, delivery, address management, security and cost effectiveness.”

The venture funding was reported by both VentureWire and PrivateEquity Wire.

Global MailExpress: