Redwood Software, an international firm with its headquarters in Morrisville, and Deloitte Consulting are teaming up to market each other’s services.

Redwood develops job scheduling software. It recently signed an agreement with SAP through which Redwood’s applications would be incorporated into SAP’s NetWeaver product.

Redwood will provide certification training to members of Deloitte Consulting and also named Deloitte as a certified alliance partner.

“The OEM agreement with SAP has fueled a rapid expansion of Redwood’s customer base, and the alliance with Deloitte Consulting will help Redwood meet the growing demand for service around the company’s advanced job scheduling technology,” Redwood said in a statement.

Deloitte Consulting will work with Redwood in providing consulting and implementation services required to integrate and deploy Redwood’s Cronacle applications in both SAP and non-SAP systems.