BURLINGTON,Laboratory Corporation is offering a new genomic test designed to help physicians diagnose more than 40 genetic syndromes and 41 chromosomal rearrangements linked with mental retardation and learning disabilities.

LabCorp (NYSE: LH) announced its Comparative Genomic Hybridization test on Thursday.

“Over six million people in the United States have mental retardation, and in at least thirty percent of those cases, physicians are unable to determine the cause,” said Myla Lai-Goldman, chief scientific officer of LabCorp. “Many mental retardation syndromes have similar symptoms, and making a diagnosis currently may often require multiple tests over a long period of time, resulting in significant costs. Now, with a single test, CGH can provide the information that clinicians need to accurately diagnose their patients in a timely, cost effective manner.”

LabCorp: www.labcorp.com