Verbatim is rolling out in October its latest “smart drive” with 1 gigabyte of storage and the ability to story personal preferences for use with any Windows XP or Windows 2000 equipped personal computer.

The Store ‘n’ Go U3 will retail for around $99, the company said. The devices include software from U3, McAfee anti-virus protection and a password security system.

The smart drives are the size of a cigarette lighter and utilize a PC’s USB port. Users can utilize applications from the device without requiring the applications to be installed on the computers. Personal information and use of the PC is stored on the smart drive to ensure privacy.

“Computing mobility has become a priority with business users and consumers,” said Mark Rogers, Verbatim’s business development manager. “Built on the U3 platform and capable of supporting the wide range of U3 smart software, the Store ‘n’ Go U3 Smart Drive mobilizes the user’s personal workspace. They can carry their emails, applications, personal settings, bookmarks and favorites, folders and documents with them wherever they go without always having to carry a laptop, or risk not having a needed application on a borrowed PC.”