IBM, Arsenal Digital Solutions in Cary and ClickFox, which is based in Atlanta, were among the winners and honorable mention honorees in the annual Computer Horizon Awards competition.

IBM Almaden Research was a winner in two categories for information integration and a storage system architecture called Intelligent Bricks/Kybos. The Almaden research center is located in Silicon Valley.

Arsenal was cited as an honorable mention for its ViaRecovery program. It is a fully managed service offering that includes server application and disaster recovery.

“(T)he user can recover the complete system within minutes or hours as opposed to days,” Computerworld said.

ClickFox, a developer of customer relationship management solutions, received an honorable mention for its software applications that maps customer activity. “The result is an objective decision-making environment that allows companies to understand how their customers, employees or any users are faring in any automated system,” Computerworld said.