Fossil’s Wrist PDA isn’t the communication device people remember from the days of Dick Tracy. But what it lacks in radio power, the wearable personal data assistant is being beefed up in terms of tools and applications it supports.

And Motricity is part of the content/application equation.

Motricity will provide software titles and content for the Fossil Wrist PDA, which is touted as the first Palm software-powered personal data assistant (PDA) watch. The Wrist PDA was introduced in January.

The store web site is:

Motricity made the announcement at the Mobile Content World trade show in London.

The Fossil Wrist PDA comes with eight megabytes of memory for such applications as contacts and calendar entries.

“Addition of third party mobile content is a great way to help customers get the most out of their mobile devices,” said Larry Wallace, vice president of business development for Motricity. “We are very happy to be Fossil’s choice for powering its Wrist PDA Software Store and are excited to offer Fossil customers a broad range of software choices for their Wrist PDA experience.”

The Wrist PDA includes a 160×160 pixel display, backlight and touch screen. Prices vary to as high as $249.

Fossil, which manufactures various watches and apparel, is based in Richardson TX. The company announced plans for the Wrist PDA in 2002 but pushed back its release several times. describes the device as “a portable Pocket PC companion in wrist watch form.”

Review Matthew Miller praised the Fossil at the Geek website.

“I have been testing the Fossil PDA-PC for about three weeks now and find it fills the gap on the weekends and is comfortable to wear,” he wrote. “I have an older model cellphone with no contact type features, and even if you have one that does have these abilities you don’t always want to strap your phone on when you are out. I wear gym shorts all the time in the summer and there is no place to carry anything, so this Wrist PDA-PC works very well for me.”


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